About Face and Body

233 S Sharon Amity Rd., Suite 104, Charlotte, NC 28211


Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal recognized as permanent and approved by both the FDA and the AMA. About Face and Body founder and owner Marianne Sadowski is a licensed electrologist who has been helping women and men in Charlotte achieve smooth, beautiful skin free of unwanted or excessive hair since 1993. Every client receives a personalized treatment plan that reflects her knowledge, experience and commitment to safety, satisfaction and lasting results. Regular consistent treatments are the key to success.


Electrolysis is the art of treating hairs with a small, thin probe that briefly targets the follicle with a tiny amount of electrical current. The sterile, disposable probe never pierces the skin. Modern computerized equipment ensures that the current is carefully calibrated to destroy the growth cells quickly and permanently, with minimal, typically temporary, side effects. Unlike other hair removal methods, electrolysis is safe and effective on all types and colors of hair, including white, blonde and gray, and all skin tones.


Reliability and dependability are more than mere words; they are the foundation upon which my business is established. My standards of excellent performance are reflected in the satisfaction of each and every one of my clients. Each patron who comes through my door is given an individual plan of treatment and my utmost attention specific to their needs. Mutual respect regarding time is valuable for both the client and to the function of treatment procedures; therefore, each appointment must begin and end as scheduled.

A complimentary consultation is provided for every new client for permanent hair removal. Adequate time is reserved for a clear explanation of the service while inviting any questions you may have.

At About Face & Body you will find tranquil and pleasant surroundings and a sincere dedication to making your treatment experience satisfying, rewarding and successful.


I've been going to Marianne for electrolysis since I relocated to Charlotte from Florida and getting great results. She is professional, knowledgeable and caring. Always attentive to cleanliness and hygiene, she raised her already high standards even higher during the pandemic for the safety of her clients.

— Mary S

Marianne is great; she interviews each client at the first session so that both parties know what to expect, and are able to set hair removal goals. She is friendly and prompt, and good at her job. If you are thinking about getting electrolysis done for unwanted hair, I highly recommend Marianne's business, About Face & Body Inc.

— Jeanette G

I have been seeing Marianne for over a year. She is incredibly professional and skilled at electrolysis. Her office is incredibly clean and conveniently located in the Cotswold area. Marianne will work with each client to customize the treatments so that you get the results and experience that you need to meet your hair removal goals. She is also very punctual and great with scheduling in advance. Her communication skills are also excellent. It is hard to find a provider who is not only wonderful at her job but also running the business side so efficiently. I highly recommend Marianne if you are considering permanent hair removal. It is a commitment to complete the process, and having a professional and talented provider is essential; that is Marianne!.

— Elizabeth C

If anyone is thinking about hair removal, I would like to highly recommend this company. Marianne is very clean, professional, and truly a kind woman. She always treats me with respect and cares for me as her client. There are professionals and businesses we experience every day on a basic/average level, and then there are experiences like this one at this company that stay in your heart and cause you to want to write a great review! Great experience!

— Irene K

So happy I found Marianne. She has helped me become confident in my own skin. I used to have to shave every day since I had stubble. Not anymore! I have had fast and great results-yay!

— Jessica J

This was my first experience with electrolysis. Marianne is fabulous at explaining the process & what to expect. Her office is relaxing, well decorated, and private. She is a warm and friendly person. I would definitely recommend her business. You won't be disappointed. I only wish I had found her sooner.

— Beth O